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Trinity School of Nursing students are prepared

Student Success

Our students routinely out-perform the state and national averages for the RN licensure exam at the end of their academic studies.   

All Students NCLEX Pass Rates

2023 - 16 of 16 students passed 100%
2022 - 14 of 14 students passed 100%
2021 - 15 of 18 students passed 83.3%

Job Placement

Class Year

% Employed*

Class of 2022

0 %

Class of 2021

0 %

Class of 2020

0 %

Class of 2019

0 %

* Reported by students that were employed as a registered nurse within one year of graduation.

Program Satisfaction

Alumni indicate they would choose Trinity School of Nursing again.  Employers would hire Trinity School of Nursing alumni again. 

Class Year




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Our graduates' words

The best advocates for an education at Trinity School of Nursing are our graduates.  They are well-prepared professionally for the demands of modern nursing.  Our holistic approach ensures that graduates understand the importance of human connection and compassionate understanding.   Trinity School of Nursing graduates are truly ready to make a significant difference.   Below are comments from recent graduated students.

"This was a great program. I’ve learned to appreciate the knowledge I have gained in the 24 months I have been in this program. When I work beside a nurse who hasn’t had this experience I’m sure glad I chose Trinity School of Nursing."
"I love the experiences we get and the clinical time/preceptorship. I don’t know what we would do without it. Our school really promotes professional ethics, values, accountability and everything else that goes along with good, holistic care!"
"The strength of this program is how the material being taught builds each semester. The process allows the student to build on previous knowledge and be able to apply this knowledge. By having a process like this, I feel that by the end of this program, I am very well prepared to take this knowledge and be a competent nurse."
"Throughout the program the staff is always there to provide you with feedback, answer your questions and develop plans to make you the best. You feel close to them, and not just like another person in a 200 person class."
"I appreciate the staff’s “open door” policy. If I ever had any issues they were always there to talk about them with me."
"The faculty has been incredibly helpful throughout these past 24 months. I don’t think I could ever give enough thanks for how much they’ve done."
"It is evident that the faculty care and work endlessly towards helping us to succeed. I have loved everything about Trinity SON – the curriculum, my classmates, etc. It’s the perfect fit for me."
"The program has taught me how to be the best nurse I can be, not just how to pass tests."
"Coming out of the program I feel very prepared to go into the workforce. The instructors never make you feel like you’re alone and are always there to answer questions or just for moral support."
"Faculty is amazing. They are always there to help you succeed."

Enroll in Trinity Health System School of Nursing

Embark on a new journey as a successful professional nurse at Trinity School of Nursing!
FALL 2024

What you can expect to learn

  • Combine all modes of communication in relationships with patients, clients, families, and others.
  • Plan with the health team to meet the comprehensive needs of patients, clients and families.
  • Formulate appropriate community referrals for patients, clients, and families.
  • Design health teaching to promote quality health care.
  • Develop the nursing process to meet the comprehensive needs of patients, clients, and families.
  • Design application of natural and behavioral science principles as the foundation of nursing practice.
  • Assemble support systems of patients, clients, and families.
  • Infer current legal and ethical standards in all aspects of nursing practice.

Trinity School of Nursing Mission

The purpose of the Trinity Health System School of Nursing is to prepare a beginning professional nurse. The program assists individuals to achieve curriculum outcomes and demonstrate professional competencies necessary to practice in a variety of health care settings and incorporates the values of Trinity Health System.

Our Vision

To assist students to achieve educational outcomes which prepare them to meet the holistic health care needs of individuals, families, and communities throughout the life span.