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Re-Admission Policies

Returning Students

A readmitted student is defined as an individual who was previously enrolled in the program and has withdrawn from the program either voluntarily or involuntarily. 

The readmitted student must meet the curriculum requirements effective at the time of readmission.

Re-Admission Policies

A readmitted student is defined as a currently accepted or enrolled student, who was previously enrolled in the program beyond the second full week of the academic term, and had voluntarily or involuntarily withdrawn from the program during that first admission. The readmitted student must meet the curriculum requirements effective at the time of readmission. All requests for readmission are referred to the Faculty Organization for review/consideration. A final decision is based on individual evaluation and availability of space. The Faculty will review the previous Academic File including but not limited to: reasons for leaving, length of time since leaving, past performances in theory, clinical, and standardized testing, number of times placed on academic/clinical probation, number of times Comprehensive Final Exams were repeated, Code of Conduct Violations, and/or attendance while in the program. The Faculty may stipulate specific individualized requirements that must be met prior to readmission. Any readmission applicant who withdrew from the program due to academic and/or clinical failure during the N200 Fundamentals of Nursing course, if reaccepted, will re-enter the program at the beginning of N200. If the applicant has withdrawn due to academic and/or clinical failure anytime during or after the N201 Nursing Care of the Adult I course, the applicant if reaccepted, must begin at the beginning of N201. When repeating any course within the curriculum, the grade earned during the re-take of the course is the grade used to determine progression and calculation of GPA.

There is no guarantee of readmission. A student may be readmitted to the program only once, and therefore, must complete the program in its entirety as planned, once readmitted (except in instances mandated by law).

A military leave of absence from Trinity School of Nursing will be granted while a student is serving on active duty, and for one year after the conclusion of that service, if the student is a member of the United States national guard or other reserve component of the armed forces of the United States, or a member of those armed forces in a retired status, and is called to active duty. The student shall not suffer an academic penalty as a result of the leave of absence. Tuition and fee refunds for students on military leave of absence shall be calculated in accordance with Ohio Revised Code section 3332.20. If requested by the student, TSON will restore the student to the educational status the student had attained prior to being called to active duty without the loss of academic credits earned, scholarships or grants awarded, or tuition and fees paid prior to the commencement of active duty.

Re-Admission Process

1. Submit a completed Application for Admission.

2. Submit $25.00 application fee (refundable only in accordance with Cancellation and Settlement Policy).

3. Submit transcripts of any/all courses taken between enrollments.

4. Submit Transfer of Credit Request form if requesting credit for courses completed since last admission.

5. Personal interview is optional.

Contact Admissions

All inquiries or correspondence for admission should be directed to the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid at the School of Nursing between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Phone: 740-266-1230 
E-mail: [email protected]
Fax: 740-266-2710