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Course Enrollment Policy

General Policy

Students will be enrolled in courses each semester by the Coordinator of Student Affairs. The progression of courses within the curriculum is illustrated in the Curriculum Plan.

Students will be enrolled into the nursing course designated within the Curriculum Plan that corresponds to the appropriate semester/session. Student transcripts and academic files will be reviewed to determine if students need to be enrolled in the designated Eastern Gateway Community College course that is offered during that designated semester/session. If transfer of credit has been received for the designated Eastern Gateway Community College course, the student will not be registered for that course.

Students that are recipients of VA educational benefits will not automatically be enrolled in courses each semester. Those students will need to give approval of the enrollment in courses each semester. Students receiving VA educational benefits should see Jill Duska, Coordinator of Student Affairs in Suite 2623, in order to approve their enrollment each semester. Students receiving VA benefits will not be enrolled in any online classes.

Progression Policy

Students must satisfactorily complete each semester/session of the program before progressing to the subsequent semester/session.

A minimum grade of “C’ (2.0 GPA) and a satisfactory clinical evaluation are required in each nursing course, and a minimum grade of “C” (2.0 GPA) is required in each college course for a student to be eligible for progression into the subsequent semester/session.

Students receive official grade reports at the end of each semester/session.

The faculty recommends students for progression.

Every student must demonstrate satisfactory progress according to the School’s Progression Policy in order to receive any financial aid awarded through the School.

When repeating any course within the curriculum, the grade earned during the re-take of the course is the grade used to determine progression and calculation of GPA.

Withdrawal Policy

A student who desires to withdrawal from the School should submit a letter of resignation to the Dean of the School. Prior to withdrawing, the student is required to contact the Lead Instructor of the course and the Coordinator of Student Affairs. The student is encouraged to consult his/her Academic Advisor.

Failure to attend scheduled classes does not constitute an official withdrawal. The official withdrawal date shall be:

  1. The date of the student’s resignation letter submitted to the Director of the School, or

  2. For the student who does not officially withdraw from the program, the withdrawal date will be the date the School became aware the student ceased attendance.

The School reserves the option of using the student’s last date of documented attendance at an academically/clinically oriented activity as the student’s official withdrawal date.

Students considering withdrawal prior to completing 60% of a semester/session are urged to review the Return of Title IV Funds Policy in the financial aid section.

According to the Student Identification Badge Policy, withdrawing students must return the student identification badge. Failure to do so will result in a delay of receipt of official transcripts. The student parking hangtag should be returned to the School upon withdrawal. 

Dismissal Policy

Each student has a personal responsibility to the School of Nursing in the observance of all academic policies and codes of conduct. The faculty is committed to helping the student in every way possible; however, the faculty of the School is obliged to determine whether the student is progressing satisfactorily. If the student fails in theory or clinical experience or fails to abide by School regulations/policies, the faculty has the right and authority to dismiss the student. A student may be dismissed without having been put on probation.