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Liability and Emergency Details

Liability Insurance

Every student is covered under a blanket liability policy purchased by the School. The annual premiums to cover this policy are deducted from the General Fees paid by students every Fall semester.

Communication of Routine and Emergency Information

One Call Now, a high-speed phone messaging delivery service, is utilized for communication to the entire student population, selected students, or classes. In cases of emergency or routine notification, students will receive an automated voice and/or text message indicating the nature of the matter. Emergency notification will occur without delay and take into account the safety of the students as well as the community.

Upon admission to the program, students will provide phone numbers to the Coordinator of Student Affairs. This information will be used for the sole purpose of this communication system. Students are required to update their contact information by utilizing the Change Form. The Change Form can be obtained from any School staff member, Coordinator of Student Affairs, or Course Lead Instructor.

The Coordinator of Student Affairs or their designee is responsible for the activation of One Call Now as well as the content of the message. Annual testing of this emergency response system will be conducted.

Cancellation and Inclement Weather Policy

The Dean or a designated faculty member will make decisions regarding cancellation/delay of classes and/or clinical due to inclement weather.

Announcements of School cancellations/delays will be made via One Call Now/SNAP, telephone communication trees, or local media:  WTOV9 and on the internet.

Please note that just because EGCC classes are cancelled, it doesn’t mean Trinity School of Nursing classes are cancelled.

Transportation Policy

Students are responsible for their own transportation for all experiences as required by the curriculum. Trinity Health System and the School of Nursing are not responsible for liability incurred in travel.